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MRS-9000 Lehr Loader

The MRS-9000 is a 2 Axis servo controlled lehr loader suitable for typical container production. With the linear and vertical axes each controlled independently, the machine is capable of operating with a cross conveyor speed of up to 22 metres per minute. Supplied as standard with integrated electronics, the machine can be delivered as an option with an electronic ware steady mechanism or can be supplied as part of a multi axis ware handling package, where the cross conveyor, ware transfer and IS machine conveyor are integrated into the MRS-9000 controls.

Features and Benefits
  • On line adjustments of pushbar
    • Deceleration
    • Advanced /Retard
    • Height adjustment
    • Lift height adjustment
    • Acceleration control
    • Adjustable end position
    • Pull back control
    • Push height adjustment
  • Manual jog features for all axis
  • Built in panel cooling system
  • Dual linear bearings for wear-free linear movement
  • 2 Identical AC servo motors
  • Minimum moving parts
  • Low running costs
  • Compact low profile design, allowing for minimal heat ingress
  • Simple, user friendly text based interface
  • Minimal spare parts package required
  • Auto synchronism with production line
  • Proven reliable components
  • Value engineered to give rapid return on capital invested
  • Drive status indication
  • Optional ware steady assembly

Operating Speed
Up to 12 cycles per minute (maximum cross conveyor speed of 22m/min)

Controller Type
Servo drives with integrated motion control

Minimum lehr operating height

Operating temperature of motors
Up to 125°C

Compressed Cooling air consumption
3 minimum - 5 bar recommended

Control panel cooling air consumption
30m³/hour (max)

Required ware steady air pressure
0-3 Bar

Ware steady air consumption
0.09m³/hour at 10 cycles per minute

Service Requirements
Trigger pulse from IS machine controller

Compressed air

Lubrication frequency – 4-6 cycles per hour depending on speeds

Connection to centralised Lincoln Lubrication system
Available Options
Remote stand alone control panel

Fully adjustable ware steady assembly with on line electrical adjustments

Air conditioning unit for integrated controls

3rd axis drive to drive cross conveyor

4th axis drive to drive ware transfer

5th axis to drive machine conveyor

Lubrication system

Grease - uses integrated grease pump and timer control
Download brochure
MRS-9000 brochure (PDF)
Watch Video
MRS-9000 video

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