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The Sheppee series of Pushbars are strong, robust, flexible and are suitable for all lehr widths and all types of lehr loaders. The development of the STK-9400 has evolved over many years and is now the market leader. Various pocket designs are available to suit the full range of containers produced with all pocket designs made to fit onto on support bar, allowing for minimum stock holding and flexibility.

Features and Benefits
  • For use on all lehrs widths
  • Provides stable handling for round and non-round containers
  • Setting gauges provided for fast and accurate pocket changes
  • Guaranteed straight row stacking
  • Pre-stressed in both directions
  • Mounting bracket suitable for any type of lehr loader
  • Tilt adjust as standard when used on all Sheppee jehr loaders
STK-9400 Pre-Stressed Air-Cooled
Pushbar assemblies

Required air pressure for pushbar cooling
3 bar (average) - 6 bar (max)

Pushbar Cooling air consumption
25m³ per hour
Service Requirements
Air Supply for air cooling
Download brochure
STK-9400 brochure (PDF)

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