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Synchroflex Drives Servo Drive Systems for Table and Press Ware
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The Synchroflex Press Line Servo Controlled Drive System
Suitable for ANY Make of Press Machine
Introducing our next generation servo drive systems for table and press ware production lines
  • Increased productivity through precise control
  • Reduced down time through state of the art technology and reliability
  • Minimum spare part holding
  • Easy to use system with minimal training required
  • Guaranteed 15 year product supportability
  • 24 hour technical assistance and back up
  • Master Control Panel Enclosure
  • LCD or Touch Screen Operator Keypad mounted on front door of control panel.
  • Password protected to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Additional remote operator station with LCD Operator Keypad
  • Remote connection for integration with factory or production line E-stop
  • Individual E-stops + Maintenance Stops
  • Auto shear retract for drive failure
  • Global E-stop to shut down all drives and retract the shears
  • Visual Alarms for Air Pressure Failure, Cooling Water Pressure Failure, Oil Pressure Failure.
    Controlled shut down if Air Pressure, Oil Pressure or Cooling Air is lost
  • Xenon Alarm beacon and siren.
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Drive System brochure (PDF)

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