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VFT-1000 Transfer unit

The VFT-1000 Transfer unit is purposely designed for handling containers produced on Triple Gob (TG) and Quad Gob (QG) production machines. The gradual collection of containers at the entrance to the transfer, along with a smooth, large radius curve with unique finger motion at the exit, ensures that bottles are transferred onto the cross conveyor accurately and without loss.

Features and Benefits
  • 3 finger sizes
  • 2 finger configurations
  • Designed for TG and QG production
  • For Double Gob operation transfer finger spacing capable of matching IS machine conveyor spacing
  • Unique finger retract system
  • 'Quick Change' Fingers
  • Transfers containers from 40mm to 96mm diameter
  • Adjustable top and bottom ware guides
  • Spacing reduced by through transfer
  • Reduced job set-up time
  • Enhanced container stability
  • Reliable cross conveyor spacing
  • Minimal spares holding
  • Consistent ware handling up to 1,000BPM
  • Intermediate fingers from 12 fingers and above
  • For optimum performance we recommend use with Sheppee Cross Conveyor
  • Recommended service Intervals 12 months
  • Carbon or SSB insulation

Operating Speed:
Up to 1000BPM

Standard Chain Length:

Chain Pitch:
3/4" Duplex

Number of Teeth on Drive Sprocket:

Chain movement per revolution of drive shaft:
Installation Details and Service Requirements
Connection to Lincoln lubrication

Can be driven by servo or synchronous motor drive

Can work with all I.S. machine drive systems

Transfer can be used in conjunction with a Sheppee ITD-8000-2 Transfer Drive Unit or STK-9284 Transfer Drive Gearbox
Download brochure
VFT brochure (PDF)
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VFT video

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