About Us

Sheppee International Limited is a world leader in Hot Glass Ware Handling for both the container and tableware industries, with 80 years of experience in the Glass Industry.

It is something that often gets overlooked. However, every container produced on the IS machine has to pass through the Ware Handling system which makes this area of the production process very important. Sheppee supplies innovative and dependable solutions in the field of hot container conveying, lehr loading, glass contact materials and synchronous drive systems.

Sheppee specialise in providing customers with equipment suitable for all types of production from cosmetic and pharmaceutical containers to the largest champagne bottles. The equipment is designed to be reliable and flexible and can be supplied as individual components or as a complete Ware Handling package.

Specific Ware Handling equipment has been developed including a range of servo driven lehr loaders suitable for all types of production.  And a full range of ware transfer units have been designed, suitable for handling the smallest pharmaceutical containers up to the largest champagne bottles. Dedicated transfer units are available suitable for flask and non-round containers.

With a growing emphasis on the production speed, innovation and reliability we know how essential effective container handling is, and it is at the heart of our business.